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Resurfacing during the pool season is not the best time to take that action, but as the summer comes to an end, it is a perfect time to start remodeling your pool. Pool resurfacing is not an easy expensive, so some of these ideas were created for those of us on a budget! A modern update to a standard pool can be quite simple and quick to accomplish, or if you simply need a new look for your backyard, these are great ways to accomplish both of those needs.
Energy Efficient Lights For Your Swimming Pool
RGB Pool Lighting
If your pool has basic pool lighting it is worth considering upgrading to LED lights because they are much more energy-efficient! These lights can require less energy to run and in the long-term will pay for themselves.
  • They come in a variety of colors
  • They can be installed at the pool line or in the pool area
  • They create a beautiful and personalized pool style
Change the Appearance
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
This is considered a standard approach to remodeling a pool surface! This is not the cheapest option, but it is the longest-lasting and will ultimately repay itself. Pool resurfacing is the best way to update the look and feel of your pool because over time the surface will breakdown.
  • Resurfacing makes your pool appear more modern
  • The finish can mimic stones, shells, and other materials
  • Aggregate finishes with resurfacing are the most popular
Fresh Pool Even with Low Water
Waterline Tiles
Have you ever been looking at your pool and noticed the waterline? Updating the waterline tile of your pool can update the overall look and feel of your pool area. This renovation combined with others is like breathing fresh air into your backyard pool.
  • Achieve a much more contemporary look
  • This is affordable and easy to do
  • Combine it with another basic upgrade to get a brand-new pool
Get the Ocean
Salt Water Pool
Saltwater pools are the way to go! Change your chlorine-based pool to a salt-water one and get the ocean in your backyard. Saltwater has become a popular option for residential pools because homeowners with younger children do not want children exposed to harsh chemicals, like chlorine, daily. This type of pool is much easier on skin and eyes.
  • No chlorine means you’ll be saving a lot of money
  • These pools and their water are much easier to clean
  • Resurfaced decorative concrete lasts much longer than an authentic stone or wood driveway
  • Is a much better option for homes with younger children
Water features
Your pool atmosphere has more to do with the details than it does with just the pool water itself! Little features like waterfalls and sprayers can take your pool area and backyard to the next level.
  • Water motions increase the good looks of your pool area
  • Relaxing sounds from waterfalls create a calm and relaxing space
  • They may increase the overall maintenance of your pool