Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for that brand new flooring system that brings both cutting edge features and unmatched beauty to your home or business? Well, as one of the leading epoxy flooring companies in Ohio, we are happy to bring our award-winning flooring options to you at extremely affordable rates! If you’re looking for flooring that is:
  • Strong And Durable
  • Resistant To Harsh Chemicals
  • Fast To Install
We have the flooring that you need! Let us tell you a little more about our amazing epoxy floor coatings and what exactly they can be used for.



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    Epoxy Flooring

    What Epoxy Flooring Can Do For You

    Our epoxy floorings don’t shy away from a challenge, they embrace them! So, we are confident that our flooring systems can handle whatever is needed from them. Because our floorings are so resilient, we have outlined the top benefits of an epoxy flooring system down below!
    • Epoxy floorings are the strongest flooring options on the market with a rating of at least 15,000 PSI all the way to a whopping 25,000 PSI. They also offer protection from dropped objects, heavy traffic and even vibrations from heavy machinery
    • Epoxy Is actually resistant to the damaging effects of flooding; as it is a waterproof flooring system; fire, and even electricity, making your home or facility protected from any accidents that may occur
    • Do you store, use or manufacture harsh chemicals in your area? Epoxy flooring is able to resist these chemicals and even aid with removal and disposal by isolating the chemical on the surface of the flooring.
    • We understand that time is money, so our epoxy has been engineered to make installation of the flooring as quickly as possible. For example, a 2 car garage can be finished in as little as 4 days!
    • Tired of slipping on your flooring when it is wet? With an epoxy floor coating, we can place an additive in your epoxy that gives it texture, resulting in a safe home or facility, even when the flooring is wet.

    Epoxy Floorings That We Offer

    Contrary to popular belief, there are dozens of different forms of epoxy flooring. An epoxy floor coating is one of the few flooring systems that are able to be tweaked to perform in specific ways to better suit specific areas. There is so much more than a gray, bland surface that everyone makes epoxy out to be! Because there are so many different types of epoxy flooring systems, we have taken the liberty to outline the best and most popular forms of epoxy down below.
    garage floor epoxy

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Perhaps one of the most popular forms of epoxy flooring is the garage floor epoxy. This is because this flooring system is one of the most dependable and affordable floorings available for the garage. When your garage is equipped with an epoxy garage floor coating, you will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Superior resistance to stains
    • Fast and easy maintenance
    • Make your garage much brighter/safer
    Epoxy Basement Floor

    Basement Epoxy Flooring

    A basement epoxy flooring is one of the best ways that you can transform your basement from dark, moist and boring into a utopia that can be used for a wide range of activities or be transformed into much-needed living space, not to mention:

    • Basement epoxy makes your basement waterproof
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • The ability to increase comfort as all moisture is trapped outside
    metallic epoxy floor

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    If you’re looking for a seamless flooring that is both durable like a commercial epoxy flooring but with the beauty of a Micheal Angelo painting, you need a metallic epoxy flooring. With the metallic epoxy, your flooring will be transformed into an unreplicatable work of art that can mimic the appearance of:

    • Lava flowing down a volcano
    • Waves crashing on the beach
    • The sky about to rain

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    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial flooring needs to be tough, but also provide a look that will turn customers into your store or even help provide a theme for the storefront. With a commercial epoxy flooring system, you can make the flooring functional with stencils to create arrows or you can even use the metallic epoxy flooring in your storefront to make your competitors envious of your flooring. Commercial epoxy is also USDA approved for sensitive facilities like food and beverage processing facilities or even in the medical field in hospitals.

    industrial epoxy flooring

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Industrial facilities are the crudest facilities to floor as the flooring has to endure strenuous tasks. Where concrete flooring has been thought to be the only flooring suitable for this task, industrial epoxy flooring can outperform concrete flooring by miles. Our award-winning industrial epoxy flooring uses the 100 percent solid epoxy based system, which is the strongest as it can handle up to 25,000 PSI. Does your facility handle or produce harsh chemicals? Our engineers can design your flooring to protect against specific chemicals!