Deck Resurfacing

Are you ready to transform your dirty, damaged or faded concrete pool deck into the pool decking of your dreams? Tired of being afraid to invite guests or have family functions at your home due to the poor condition of your pool decking but don’t have the time or means to completely replace your pool decking. Don’t worry, we have just what you need to turn your backyard into your own personal oasis, and its called pool deck resurfacing. Heres what its all about:
  • Repair Your Existing Concrete
  • Design Your Own Decking
  • Add Thousands To The Value Of Your Home
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Pool Deck Resurfacing

What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Pool deck resurfacing is a process that is used when concrete is in a stage where it is still repairable and won’t need to be fully replaced. We take our high strength micro toppings to repair all cracks in your concrete slab and can use a wide range of materials to place over the topping for a blank canvas. We can even leave the micro topping exposed for a more affordable process if a repair is all you looking for. But if you want to design the backyard of your dreams, here are a few of the materials you will have at your disposal:
  • Stamped/Burnished Concrete Overlays
  • Pavers
  • Spray Decking
  • Stained Concrete
Don’t listen to unprofessional contractors who tell you that you need to tear up an replace your current concrete pool decking. Your pool deck is extremely fragile as this connects to your pool and protects all crucial plumbing that runs your pool. One slip up and you can be looking at serious problems that will cost thousands and months of your pool being unusable. If you want the fastest and most affordable solution to your problem, give us a call today and we will sort your project out. For our neighbors in Ohio, we are even giving out free, no-obligation quotes for a short time, so act fast!

Why You Should Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck

When it comes to resurfacing your pool deck, it can seem like you are rolling the dice on something that will only make your pool deck attractive, but there is so much more to this service. From making your pool decking stronger to making it safer, there is a whole world of benefits waiting for you when you resurface your pool deck. We have taken the liberty to outline the best benefits that you stand to gain from pool deck resurfacing down below.
Ohio Pool Deck Repair

Unlimited Customization

What pool deck resurfacing is mostly known for is its ability to completely transform your backyard into an oasis that you can step into anytime you want. We offer our clients in Ohio a wide range of design options that you have seen above but there are more, and we even offer ways that you can design with them like:

  • We let our clients choose more than one material
  • We offer a wide range of colors
  • Options in sheens of sealers additives
Pool Deck Resurfacing Ohio

Value Increase

The best part about pool deck resurfacing is that your investment is instantaneously paid off with an increase of thousands to the value of your home. This is because people wanting to buy homes will lean more and pay more for a home that has a beautiful area to entertain and relax. Did you know that homes with damaged concrete pool decks are less likely to pass inspection to be sold? Pool deck resurfacing is the fastest and most affordable way to make your home pass.

Concrete Pool Deck

Increased Safety

Did you know that damaged or faded concrete pool decks can drastically increase the chance of slipping, tripping or even drowning in your pool? When your pool deck is resurfaced, you can have the same level of safety that your deck had when it was first installed, or even safer! This safety net includes:

  • Increased heat resistance that will cause less running around the pool
  • More traction from additives or natural texture of our finishes
  • Repair of cracks will keep tripping hazards at a minimum

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Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Longer Lasting Finishes

When you have your pool decking resurfaced, you will enjoy the benefit of having your concrete decking lasting decades when proper maintenance is completed. When your pool decking finish lasts decades, it gives the underlying concrete more protection and therefore a longer lifetime than a concrete slab with subpar protection. All of our coatings offer a watertight seal to your concrete, so no water is able to peel up your coating or even come into contact with your concrete.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost

Superior Durability

Pool decks are subject to the harsh effects of mother nature on a daily basis, whether it be the sun or rain beating down on your pool deck, you need a material that can defend itself against these adverse effects. All of our coatings are related to stone or concrete so durability is not an issue with our coatings. We use award winning sealers on our coatings as well, so you won’t have to worry about the sun or rain beating down on your concrete pool deck