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Traditional hardwood flooring systems are one of the most timeless and elegant flooring systems on the market but, that’s about it. Hardwood flooring systems only offer their appearance but not much else. If only there was a way to get the look of hardwood flooring with more stunning benefits without having to break the bank.

Well, you are in luck if that’s what you want because we are bringing our rustic wood flooring to our neighbors in Ohio! Our wood stamped concrete offers the same look of wood with the benefits of using traditional concrete! Want to learn more about rustic wood flooring? We have all the information you need down below.


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Rustic Wood Flooring Ohio

Maintaining Your Rustic Wood Flooring

This is actually where our rustic wood flooring Ohio takes a huge advantage over traditional hardwood flooring according to many of our past clients. Traditional hardwood floor requires days of maintenance every couple of years and sometimes when the flooring gets a measly gouge. Traditional hardwood needs to be sanded, varnished and refinished every 5-7 years but with our wood stamped concrete, you won’t have to worry about the tremendous task of maintenance. Some clients even say that their wood stamped concrete is carefree! Down below, we have outlined exactly what it is going to take to keep your flooring looking new and last its full lifecycle:
  • Where traditional hardwood flooring requires days of maintenance every 5-7 years, the only massive maintenance of rustic wood flooring is the replacement of your sealer every 5-7 years. This isn’t even close the maintenance of traditional wood, resealing your concrete will only take 4-5 hours!
  • There are no messy waxes or polishes for rustic wood flooring either, so there is no need for expensive equipment or materials
  • All you need to maintain your wood stamped concrete is a standard wet mop and a broom to remove all foreign debris from your concrete floor
  • When placed in garages or in exterior use, you can even use a traditional garden hose to wash your rustic wood flooring thanks to its waterproof finish!

Benefits Of Rustic Wood Flooring Ohio

As you have seen above, the maintenance of a rustic wood flooring system in Ohio is very simplistic and that alone is a benefit that is able to sway some hardwood flooring users, but that is only the tip of the iceberg! Our wood stamped concrete coatings offer many other benefits that can blow even the best traditional flooring systems out of the water. Down below, we have outlined all of the benefits of wood concrete that our past clients love to this day!

Wood Stamped Concrete


One of the biggest advantages of using a wood stamped concrete flooring system over traditional hardwood flooring is how long our rustic wood flooring can last. While traditional wood has the ability to last decades, these hardwood options can put a sizeable hole in your pocket. Completely opposed to traditional wood, even the most affordable professionally installed wood concrete can last your home a staggering 20-30 years! Not to mention, the lifecycle costs of rustic wood are not even close to traditional hardwood.

Concrete Wood Floor


Rustic wood flooring also has an advantage over hardwood in terms of versatility. We have all seen wood deck and even wood pool decks, but only with the assistance of expensive and toxic varnishes. Rustic wood flooring offers more versatility with only a simple sealer and its concrete-based chemical composure. Our clients in Ohio have used rustic wood concrete in basements, pool decking and even on driveways/garages. This is because rustic wood is completely waterproof and won’t warp when exposed to moisture or UV rays.

Life-Like Finish

Life-Like Finish

One of the biggest concerns our clients have had about our wood concrete is if it looks fake compared to a traditional hardwood flooring system and we are proud to say that the two are almost identical. We make all of our stamps used to create the wood stamped concrete with real hardwood planks so the grains and knots look real as possible. We can even use stains and pigmented sealers to make the flooring system look hyper-realistic with highs and lows.

Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood


Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, systems or wood concrete is one of the most durable flooring systems on the market with the strength of concrete flooring. This means that your flooring will be able to defend your concrete against heavy foot traffic, dropped objects and even the harsh chemicals. Protection from harsh chemicals plays a major role in how the concrete floor coating can be used in garages, pool decking and even in an assortment of commercial facilities that deal with light traffic.

Concrete That Looks Like Wood

Rapid Installation

The installation of a stamped concrete overlay is the timeframe in which it can be installed. Wood stamped concrete shares a similar turnaround time as our other stamped concrete overlays which can be completed within a timeframe of 4-5 days depending on size and overall custom styling of the wood concrete. With this being said, our stamped concrete contractors will never install exterior overlays on days that have a higher than 50 percent chance of rain to avoid water spots and spiderwebbing.

Rustic Wood Flooring Ohio

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