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Does your home contain a stoop that you would like to upgrade to a full patio on which you can entertain your guests and spend time with your family? Do you have a patio that needs to be repaired or upgraded? Our decorative patio options may be just what you are looking for to enhance your patio game.
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We offer top quality services and materials to turn your patio into the stunning masterpiece of your dreams.



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    Angie's List

    Upgrade your patio with our professional service

    Our concrete services are both decorative and unique, but the benefits of an updated patio go beyond the surface. Here are some of the benefits of transforming your patio into a work of art:
    • An inviting patio will increase the value of your home. Return on investment for a new patio is approximately 100%, and return on investment for repaired or refurbished patios is nearly 500%! That means if you spend $1000 on refurbishing your existing patio, you can expect a $5000 increase in appraised home value.
    • A new patio also brings the indoors out. You can increase the living and entertaining space of your home with a beautiful new patio. Your increased entertaining space will bring you extra room for entertaining family and guests.
    • Patios are also a low maintenance addition to the hardscape of your yard. Patios are simple and easy to clean and maintain, and are extremely long lasting so that you do not have to worry about repairs or replacement for decades to come.
    • A new outdoor patio is an opportunity to make your design dreams come true. The options that are available for your new patio are nearly endless, and you will be able to bring your personal design style outdoors.

    Decorative Patio Options

    We offer an extensive variety of patio options and can customize to create a patio that is both beautiful and functional. You can be entertaining your friends and family in no time at all.

    Stamped Patios

    A colored and stamped concrete patio is the perfect decorative option for your concrete patio. Stamped concrete offers weather resistant strength, longevity, and durability, while delivering the designer look of wood, tile, brick, or cobblestones. A new stamped concrete patio may be the designer look you are searching for, while staying within your budget.

    Concrete Polishing

    Concrete polishing utilizes a series of progressively finer high grit sanders to wear down the very top layer of concrete and to buff and seal to a beautiful new shine. Since there is no new surface on top of your concrete, there is never a need to repair or replace the existing concrete, so you will get many decades of enjoyment out of this beautiful new patio.

    Concrete Coating

    Concrete Coating

    Concrete coatings are highly recommended for outdoor patios because they strengthen your patio surface and make it durable enough to last for years without repairs. Coatings come in a wide variety of colors and allows you to create an outdoor space that is truly yours.

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    Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Patios may show wear in the form of cracks, peeling, and abrasions, but concrete resurfacing is designed to hide imperfections in the surface while creating a beautiful non-slip surface.

    Stained Concrete

    Stained Concrete

    Concrete staining is a great way to add a variety of colors to your concrete patio while also sealing and protecting from damage. With staining, concrete coloring agents are sprayed onto the brand new or repaired surface of your concrete with a variety of multiple colors to give a beautiful faux stained effect. Using different colors will darken and create natural variations in your patio to give a truly one of a kind artistic surface.