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When looking for your next commercial or even residential flooring system, there are a lot of moving pieces that can play a role in your final decision. Designability, durability and even lifetime should be the 3 main concerns of any flooring that you are going to invest your hard-earned money on.
Where you may think that it is impossible to find a flooring system with all of these benefits, we offer our neighbors in Ohio our polished concrete service! With polished concrete, you are investing in an ultra-durable flooring system that can last your home or business a lifetime! For more information on concrete polishing, look down below!


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What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process where we take your concrete slab and turn it into a permanent and durable flooring system. How? As one of the top concrete polishing companies in Ohio, we use a multi-step approach to all of our concrete polishing projects. With the multi-stage process, we can achieve a much better-looking flooring with dozens of options for how you can customize your flooring system. To polish concrete, we use industrial-strength grinders equipped with industrial sanding paper ranging from 20 grit all the way until we at least use a 3000 grit. This is how the surface of polished concrete is almost mirror-like.
When it comes to the details on how you can customize your polished concrete, that is where you can let your imagination take the driver seat. We offer dozens of ways to make your concrete stick out from the rest in your commercial or industrial facility and even in your home. For example, we offer a nearly endless selection of colored stains, anti-slip additives, high or low sheen finishes and even the use of concrete saws to implement designs into the concrete. You can even have the ability to have logos placed into the concrete to show off your pride or to make your storefront have that personal touch it needed.

Benefits Of Concrete Polishing

Know that you know what concrete polishing is all about, it is time to talk about the wide array of benefits that your home and business stand to gain from using a polished concrete flooring system. Our concrete polishing service can provide amazing durability all the way to servicing your home or business for a lifetime when professionally installed and properly maintained. We have taken the liberty in outlining all of the best benefits of our flooring system down below!

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Durable Finish

Polished concrete is one of the flooring industries most durable flooring systems and here’s what it can protect against:

  • During concrete polishing, we use hardeners that seep into the pores of the concrete to make the surface completely waterproof so water damage will be a thing of the past
  • Contrary to popular belief, a polished concrete floor offers stunning resistance to daily wear and tear from pets, children and even dropped objects
  • Polished concrete floors can even withstand the weight of heavy objects, unlike other traditional flooring systems.
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Permanent Flooring

When your concrete is polished, you will have the possibility to have a flooring that can last your home or business a lifetime! Our team of concrete polishing contractors use only the highest quality hardeners to ensure that no matter where your concrete is placed, you will enjoy your flooring longer than any other flooring solution on the market. During its lifespan, your concrete will never have to be replaced or refinished like carpet, linoleum, tile or even hardwood. For a flooring system that will stand the test of time, use concrete polishing.

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High Customization

Contrary to popular belief, there are many amazing ways to customize your polished concrete floors and you can find them down below:

  • We offer an endless amount of stains to amplify your concrete floor with solid colors or even the look of watercolor with solvent or water-based stains.
  • We even offer the ability to use saw cuts in your polished concrete floor to make patterns and symbols
  • Our concrete flooring can be earthy to ultra-glossy, matte to colorful and everything else in between.
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Residential Concrete Polished Floor

Are you tired of having your carpet and grout cleaned what feels like every other month? Want a flooring system that is virtually maintenance-free so you can free up some time in your already busy schedule? Consider a residential polished concrete floor!
Under your existing flooring is a concrete slab that is ripe for polishing that can blend with any style or theme you have going in your home from modern to rustic.


Polished Concrete Garage Floor

If you are looking for a flooring system to pull your garage out of its boring, gray and dirty look, you need to consider using a polished concrete flooring system!
Polished concrete floors In Ohio offer a flooring system that won’t break the bank with resistances to even the harshest fluids found in garages like gasoline, battery acid, and cleaners. With a polished concrete garage floor, your garage will turn your neighbors green with envy.

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We service home and business owners in the greater area of Ohio with pride and down below, you will find the exact cities that we can provide our services to.

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