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Are you tired of your garage being dim, plain or even damaged? Don’t worry, millions of Americans feel the same way you do, but you have one advantage. As a resident of Ohio, we can help you transform your garage into the man cave, shop or high-end garage of your dreams. How do you ask? With one of our amazing garage floor coatings! Our team of epoxy coating contractors has:
  • Decades Of Experience
  • Award Winning Materials
  • Hundreds Of Happy Clients In Ohio
Want to learn more about our surreal garage floor coatings? We have outlined all you need to know down below!



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    Angie's List
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    Benefits of Using A Garage Floor Coating

    When using one of our amazing garage floor coatings, you will be delighted to know that there is a wide range of benefits waiting for you. Our team has decades of combined experience installing garage floor coatings with maximum benefits like:
    • All of our garage floor coatings a level of durability that a bare concrete slab is not able to match, even when it was brand new. A coating like our garage floor epoxy is able to protect your concrete with a tolerance of up to 20,000 PSI. While or sealer doesn’t offer much durability, it offers the ability to resist harmful chemicals and stains just like a concrete overlay and garage floor epoxy.
    • No matter which of our garage floor coatings you choose, they will all provide an amazing finish that is unmatched by a boring concrete slab. Our concrete overlays offer artistic finishes with burnishes and our epoxy garage floors can be customized using a wide range of colors, flakes or metallic pigments and even the option to have your favorite logo or emblem placed right into your flooring.
    • What most homeowners consider the best feature of any of our garage floor coatings is how easy they make maintenance. All you need to maintain your garage with a concrete coating is a broom and a mop or even the ability to use the hose to wash your garage!

    Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

    Where most people tend to assume that there are limited types of garage floor coatings due to the harsh environment, we have never been so happy to prove a rumor wrong! We offer dozens of garage floor coatings that outperform even the most expensive and modern concrete slab. Our team of contractors has decades of experience working with garage floor coatings, but since the wide volume, we have taken the liberty in outlining the best and most popular garage coatings down below!
    Garage Floor Coating

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage floor epoxy is by far the most versatile and durable flooring for garages available on the market to this date. The benefits of a garage floor epoxy coating include but are not limited to:

    • Protection from dropped objects, stains from oils/gasoline and resistant to wear
    • Can be customized with a wide range of colors, flakes or metallic pigments to create metallic epoxy
    • Resistances to all water, fire and even electricity
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    Concrete Overlays

    Concrete overlays are the standard when it comes to garage floor coating and can be used for a wide range of reasons. Most homeowners tend to use this material to resurface or provide that artistic design that is lacking many garages across America. Many of our clients even have the concrete overlays extended from the garage onto the driveway or even walkways to achieve a wow factor that bland concrete cant achieve on its own.

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    Concrete Sealers

    Many of our clients love the look of their standard concrete slab but wish that standard concrete offered more resistance. That is exactly what a sealed concrete is able to achieve and for optimal appearance and for bonding purposes, we remove all stains on the concrete so the sealer can:

    • Resist many harmful chemicals like gasoline and brake cleaner
    • Resist water damage and even provide traction when wet with additives
    • Offer different levels of sheen

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    Stamped Concrete Overlays

    Stamped concrete overlays are one of the most exotic and modern garage floor finishes right behind a metallic epoxy garage floor coating. With a stamped concrete overlay, not only can you have the durability of a concrete coating, you can have the appearance of natural stone, wood stamped concrete or even pavers. We can even make these stylings look even more realistic by using stains to create highs and lows and a high-grade urethane sealer to keep all moisture and stains away from the coating.

    Metallic Garage Floor

    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

    What we believe to be the crown jewel of garage flooring, the metallic epoxy floor coating is a true work of art. This flooring can be used to replicate some of natures most beautiful phenomenon like lava gushing down a volcano, waves crashing onto the beach or even the clouds on a cloudy day. Where most people tend to assume that metallic epoxy is a weaker coating due to its beauty, it uses the 100 percent solid epoxy system that is rated for industrial use.