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Do you own an industrial facility and looking for new high-performance flooring that can roll with the punches? We know how harsh the environment is in industrial facilities, so we are not going to waste your time with flooring that is only going to last a few years, no we are offing flooring that can last your facility decades. This flooring is the industrial epoxy flooring and it has the ability to:
  • Provide Unparrerell Performance
  • Quick Installation
  • Incredible Slip And Skid Resistance
Want to know more about our fantastic industrial epoxy floor coatings? We have all you need to know down below!


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The Fast Installation Of Industrial Epoxy

Unlike other flooring options for industrial use, industrial epoxy flooring can be installed both quickly and without your facility needing to shut down. Our engineers crafted our epoxy this way because we know that time is money and your facility being down for even one day can cost you thousands. Here is how we are able to rapidly install our industrial epoxy floor coating:
  • We offer a special type of epoxy known as the quick cure epoxy that makes it so we can work in sections around all of your workers when in a 24/7 operating facility. With a quick cure industrial epoxy flooring, your flooring can be ready for light duty in as little as 1 hour. This puts minimal restrictions on both when we can install your new flooring and how your employees are affected by our process.
  • When a quick cure epoxy is not the desired application process, our team of skilled industrial epoxy floor coating contractors can mask off areas and work in sections. This means that your facility can still be used during our installation process but you may need to wait at least 4-5 days before the flooring is fully cured.
  • If you don’t have any time restraints or don’t mind a facility being down for a few days, our standard installation process can take up to 3 days for larger projects. Our team will work nonstop until your flooring is fully installed and ready for use.

Why You Need Industrial Epoxy Flooring In Your Facility

Industrial epoxy flooring offers so much more than just fast installation, there is a whole different level of benefits that can make your facility safer and even more efficient. Industrial epoxy has everything you need from unmatched durability to a new realm of design that was thought impossible before epoxy flooring. Since there are so many benefits related with industrial epoxy flooring, we have taken the liberty and have outlined only the best benefits that you and your facility stand to gain when using an industrial grade epoxy floor coating.
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Unmatched Durability

Our industrial epoxy floor coating systems offer best in class durability that will help your facility perform better and even keep your concrete slab protected. Our 100 percent solid epoxy system is capable of handling up to 25,000 PSI with ease and can even:

  • Protect concrete from dropped objects or heavy vibrations from heavy machinery.
  • Support heavier loads being stored and transported through the facility.
  • Wear and tear resistant from heavy vehicle and foot traffic.
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Superior Chemical Resistant

If your facility deals with or manufactures harsh chemicals, you should know that industrial epoxy is the most chemical resistant flooring option on the market to this date. Here is how an industrial epoxy floor coating can help defend against chemical damage:

  • Industrial epoxy cant be penetrated, leaving the chemical on the surface for easy cleanup.
  • The no penetrating means that no chemicals come in contact with soil, making your facility greener.
  • Spend less money on chemical absorbents.
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Efficient Design

Now that you have learned how industrial epoxy flooring can make your facility impervious to damage and chemical resistant, now comes the part on how industrial epoxy can make your facility more efficient:

  • We can use stencils to create arrows walkways, barriers and even text that goes right under the top coat of epoxy to make it visible at all times.
  • Different colors of epoxy can be used to color coordinate different areas of the facility.

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Slip and Skid Resistant

No matter what, moisture will always make a flooring slippery and the same goes for a soiled flooring, but our team of award-winning engineers has found a way around this. We offer a material that looks like sand or salt as an additive that can be placed directly into the top coat of epoxy. This additive can give the epoxy flooring more texture even when it has become wet or even heavily soiled, keeping your employees safe during accidents.

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Long Lasting Finish

Are you tired of investing thousands into flooring for your facility that only lasts for a few years in the harsh conditions of an industrial facility? Well, you that won’t be a problem with our industrial epoxy floor coating system as our coatings have been tested and proven to last up to 20 years! When the industrial epoxy is well maintained, there are cases of the flooring system lasting well over thirty years! We think that makes epoxy a worth investment.