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Are you tired of subpar contractors trying to bring their subpar flooring into your commercial facility? We are too, that’s why we are offering our amazing commercial epoxy flooring to our neighbors here in Ohio. We believe that a facility is only as good as the flooring that they are using to protect their infrastructure and we only use materials that are tried and trusted in the field. Our commercial epoxy is able to:
  • Provide Long Lasting Finishes
  • Protect Your Concrete With High Tensile Strength
  • Be Installed Faster Than Traditional Flooring Systems
Ready for the best flooring in the realm of commercial flooring? Allow us to tell you more about our award-winning product down below.



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    Commercial epoxy flooring


    Contrary to popular belief, epoxy floorings are one of the safest flooring systems available on the market, so safe that the general population is starting to use epoxy flooring in the living areas of their homes! While commercial epoxy is safe on its own, there are even special additives that can be placed into the flooring to make it even safer and efficient. Heres how a commercial epoxy floor coatings can make your facility safer:
    • The anti-slip and skid features of a commercial epoxy floor coatings mean that your employees won’t have to worry about the flooring being slick while working. Does your facility often encounter spills or is prone to exposure to moisture? We offer an additive that can be placed right into the top coat of epoxy to give the flooring traction. The traction will make the epoxy safe to walk on even if it is moist or soiled.
    • Another great safety feature that commercial epoxy flooring offers is completely custom designs that can be placed into the flooring using stencils. With stencils, we can create arrows, text, walkways, and barriers that won’t only make your facility safer for your employees safer, it will make the workplace more efficient with less confusion, especially for new hires.
    • Commercial epoxy is also completely flat and seamless, so your workers won’t have to worry about ridges in the flooring that can cause tripping hazards as they don’t exist!

    Benefits Of Using Commercial Epoxy In Your Facility

    While the safety features that commercial epoxy flooring offers are enough in their own right, there is still so much more that a commercial epoxy floor coating has to offer. When using a commercial epoxy, you will see how much it can truly help your facility, but since you don’t have one yet, we can help you visualize what it is going to be like! Down below we have outlined the best benefits that you stand to gain from using a commercial epoxy flooring:

    commercial epoxy floor coating

    Superior Chemical Resistance

    One of the most important benefits that a commercial flooring needs to offer is the ability to resist a wide range of chemicals and a commercial concrete epoxy coating can do just that. with a commercial epoxy floor coating you can have the following benefits in your facility:

    • Specialized epoxy coatings that defend against specific chemicals
    • Commercial epoxy isolates the chemical on the surface for easy cleanup
    • No more wasting money on expensive chemical absorbents to pull chemicals from the concrete
    commercial epoxy floor contractors

    Unmatched Durability

    Another benefit that commercial flooring needs to have is the durability to stand up to the harsh conditions that are present in these facilities. Our commercial epoxy is no punk as it is able to be abused with no signs of it showing on the flooring. A commercial epoxy can:

    • Provide up to 25,000 PSI for more usage and storage capability
    • Resist damage from heavy foot and vehicle traffic
    • Stand up to the usage of heavy machinery and even dropped objects
    commercial concrete epoxy


    Where other floorings will tend to be worn out in less than 10 years in commercial facilities, our commercial concrete epoxy floor epoxy has been tested and proven to stand up to the test of time with a lifetime of over 20 years! While long lifetimes are a great benefit there is more that comes with it like:

    • Longer lasting concrete slabs
    • Low lifecycle cost compared to traditional concrete flooring
    • Less time your facility will spend closed for the installation of the flooring

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    commercial concrete floor epoxy

    Fast Installation

    Unlike other flooring options of the market, a commercial epoxy floor coating will not take weeks or months to install. You will be delighted to know that commercial epoxy flooring will only take days to install based on the size of your facility. The best part about the installation of the epoxy flooring system is that you won’t even need to shut down your facility to have it installed, we can work around you or use our advanced fast cure epoxy that will be ready for foot traffic in as little as 1 hour.

    commercial epoxy

    USDA Approved

    If you own a sensitive facility in Ohio don’t fret, our commercial epoxy coatings can still keep you covered. Our epoxy flooring systems have been approved by the USDA for use in commercial kitchens, food and beverage facilities or even for use in hospitals. This is because our commercial epoxy offers a seamless surface that offers no place for harmful bacteria or food scraps to hide away and cause health concerns. The seamless surface of our commercial kitchen epoxy and our standard commercial epoxy flooring are incredibly easy to disinfect with one swipe!