Concrete Coatings

No matter how well you take care of your concrete, it is sadly always going to become cracked, gouged or stained. This is just the course of life for concrete, but thankfully there is a way that you can repair your concrete back to its former glory or make it even better than the first day you had it installed. To do this you need a concrete coating, and we provide the best concrete coatings in Ohio! Our team is ready to transform your concrete with a coating that is:
  • Incredibly Durable
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Affordable!
Want to learn how a concrete coating can transform your concrete? We have all the information you need down below!



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    Angie's List
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    Concrete Resurfacing

    The most common form of concrete coating is the process known as concrete resurfacing. This process is usually completed on concrete slabs in garages, pool decks or even in the commercial setting to bring your concrete slab back to life. Concrete resurfacing can only be done on minorly damaged concrete, so if you want to save thousands of dollars, make sure you catch your concretes damage as soon as the sign start showing. Heres what concrete resurfacing has to offer:
    • Resurfaced concrete has been known to make the underlying concrete slab much stronger. Our micro topping forms a tight molecular bond to your existing concrete slab so they form as one material so the strength of our micro topping is transferred straight into your concrete slab.
    • What most of our clients love about our concrete resurfacing is the sealer that gets placed on top of the micro topping. We only use high-grade urethane or acrylic sealers that lock moisture and other contaminants on the surface of the flooring so stains or wear to the topping is nearly impossible.
    • The most critical feature of concrete resurfacing is how it repairs the existing concrete. The micro topping fills all cracks, gouges and we lift all stains so your micro topping has the best possible bond to the concrete. One the micro topping is applied, you can either keep the uniform appearance of concrete or use another concrete coating over the resurfaced concrete!

    Types And Benefits Of Concrete Coatings

    No matter what your needs or what type of setting you are in, there is a concrete coating that can transform your home or facility back to its former glory or even make it better! There is a wide range of types of concrete coatings and even more benefits that come with them but since there are so many, we took the liberty to only outline our most popular coatings and the best benefits that they can provide for your home or business down below!
    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring is by far the strongest and most efficient concrete coating on the market to this date. Epoxy flooring has many amazing benefits that could make any home or business facility outperform its previous flooring with benefits including but not limited too:

    • -Increased damage threshold, keeping your concrete protected through thick and thin
    • Unlimited customization options including color, flakes and special metallic pigments
    • Epoxy flooring is also one of the easiest floorings on the market to maintain.
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    Stamped Concrete Overlays

    Stamped concrete overlays are becoming one of the most used concrete coatings across America for its versatile use as it can be used on garages, driveways, pool decks and even inside homes. With this coating, you can mimic the appearance of natural stone, pavers or even a rustic wood flooring with the added strength and durability of concrete flooring. We can even use stains to make the coating look even more realistic by creating highs and lows in the crevices of the stamped concrete overlay.

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    Concrete Sealers

    N Do you love the look of standard concrete but wish that bare concrete carried more resistance? Have no need for heavy-duty concrete coatings? Well, our concrete sealing services may just be exactly what you need for your home or business with the most popular benefits our past clients love:

    • Stain and harsh chemical resistance just like epoxy making the flooring accident proof
    • Selection of sheen level from satin to matte
    • Slip resistance with an additive that looks like sand

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    High-Performance Flooring

    It doesn’t matter which of our concrete coatings that you choose for your home or for your business, they can amplify the performance of your existing concrete slab like you never thought possible. Many of our coatings have increased weight tolerance with epoxy flooring being the front runner with a whopping 25,000 Psi tolerance! Need more water or chemical resistance? All of our floor coatings come with a high-grade polyurethane or acrylic sealer to keep your coating protected from chemicals, moisture or even the harsh UV rays from the sun!

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    Appealing Finishes

    Just like the performance of our coatings, there is a finish that even the most stubborn member of your family is going to love. Most of our coatings have a wide range of variants that you can design yourself to make sure that your flooring is one of kind to make your neighbors green with envy or to make your competitors envious. If you need a high level of customization, both the epoxy floor coating and the stamped concrete overlay offer the most options when it comes to the overall customization of the flooring.