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The basement has so much to offer in terms of valuable living space that can be transformed into anything that your heart desires, from a home gym to your children’s play area. The main restraint we face in the basement is flooring. Traditional flooring such as wood can warp, buckle and become moldy and carpet will smell of mildew in weeks time without hours of tedious maintenance. Thankfully for our neighbors in Ohio, we are offering a groundbreaking flooring system by the name of basement epoxy flooring that can provide:
  • A Waterproof Basement
  • Superior Performance
  • Affordable Finishes For All Circumstances!
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    Angie's List

    Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement

    The biggest barrier that we all face in the basement is the moisture that tends to seep up through our concrete slab, making it nearly impossible to walk into the basement without shoes, place rugs or just be comfortable in the basement. Well, with a basement epoxy in Ohio, you can kiss all of these woes goodbye! But there is so much more to using basement epoxy than meets the eye, and these benefits include:
    • Humidity in the basement is a huge pain that can make your furniture, rugs and all upholstery smell of mildew within days and can even cause mold if left unattended. With an epoxy basement flooring in place, mold and mildew are a thing of the past as all moisture is going to be trapped underground where it belongs and in the offchance moisture finds its way back into the basement, your flooring won’t smell of mildew!
    • Even with the flooring sealed, some moisture will still find its way into the basement through the walls, and this moisture can make other floorings extremely slippery. Not a basement epoxy flooring though! We can even place an additive that replicates sand in the top layer of epoxy to give the flooring texture, making the floor safe to walk on when wet.
    • Basements are extremely dim due to lack of sunlight and windows, but with a basement epoxy, your basement can be up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources! This will make the basement safer and even save you money on your power bill.

    Why You Should Use Basement Epoxy

    While basement waterproofing is a major benefit of our award-winning basement epoxy flooring systems, our floor coatings have so much more to offer to homeowners in Ohio! From increased durability all the way to completely customizing your basement, our flooring systems have all the bases covered. Because there are so many benefits you stand to gain from using a basement epoxy, we have taken the liberty to outline only the best benefits of our basement epoxy down below!

    Unlimited Customization

    Unlimited Customization

    When it comes to the customization of your basement flooring, our basement epoxy contractors and installers don’t mess around. Our epoxy basement coatings are able to be customized with a wide range of additives and methods to make your basement truly one of a kind. We can reach the fullest limits of your imagination using:

    • A wide range of base colors
    • Options to use multicolored flakes/metallic pigments
    • The ability to place logos in your epoxy
    Add Value To Your Home

    Add Value To Your Home

    The next best thing to performance of a flooring system is how the flooring will impact your home. If you use a conventional everyday flooring, you may not see any growth in the value of your home, but when you choose an epoxy basement flooring for your home, you can see a growth of thousands in your home’s value. This is because of all the benefits and long lifetime of an epoxy flooring system that makes the flooring so appealing when the home is being sold.

    A Safer Environment

    A Safer Environment

    When using a basement epoxy, the area of your home is going to become a much safer area to be in. With this added safety, there is an added net that is able to reassure you when converting your basement into different areas from home gyms to bedrooms. With a basement epoxy, you can rest assured that:

    • Your flooring is slip and skid resistant
    • Light is reflected at high levels
    • Accidents are less likely due to traction

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    Long Lasting Flooring

    Possibly the most critical feature of any flooring is how long it is going to last. We wouldn’t waste your time with flooring that is only going to last 3-5 years, we don’t think that is enough! When basement epoxy is properly maintained, it can last well over 20 years with cases of the flooring lasting upwards of 30 years!

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    The Money Saving Flooring

    We urge you to trust our word when looking for basement flooring systems. We know that wood doesn’t work in the basement for its buckling and warping and carpet will turn moldy and reek of mildew within weeks. Let us save you some money as our epoxy basement flooring in Ohio has been tested and proven to make the quality of life in your basement skyrocket!