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Are you tired of the unwelcoming and dull or more harshly, the ugly appearance of your garage? Don’t fret, you are not alone in this matter, millions of Americans feel the same way you do. This is largely due to the fact of bland or boring materials being installed by lower grade contractors are ruining garages across America, but don’t worry because we are here to turn your garage into a jaw dropper! How do you ask? With our garage floor epoxy of course! Our garage floor epoxy offers:
  • Amazing Finishes
  • Jaw Dropping Performance
  • An Earth Friendly Approach To Flooring
Ready to take a deeper look into the aspects of an epoxy garage floor? Heres all you need to know.



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    Angie's List
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    The Easy Maintenance Of Garage Floor Epoxy

    Where most people tend to associate garage floor epoxy in Ohio with hours of maintaining your floor because of the appealing appearance and spectacular performance with needing hours of maintenance to make the flooring work. Well, we’re proud to say that our epoxy garage floor systems have been engineered to make maintenance completely in less than thirty minutes! Here is what the maintenance on an epoxy garage floor is going to look:
    • To begin the flooring system needs to be swept clean of all foreign materials like dirt and other debris. We recommend that a soft bristle broom or a dust mop be used to complete this step as they are much more efficient and stiff bristle brooms can even leave scratches in the top coat of your epoxy by dragging the dirt.
    • After the flooring is swept clean, the next step won’t require any type of special tools, just a standard wet mop to get the job done. Beware of using untested cleaners on your epoxy, always test before using. To test, mask off a tiny area and apply the cleaner for five minutes. If the surface of the epoxy turns cloudy, do not use the cleaner!
    • If you’re in a rush and you’re fine with water in your garage, you can even use a standard garden hose to wash down heavily soiled garage floor epoxy in a hurry. Just make sure the water is cooler than 115 degrees and that you always keep the hose moving as a constant stream of water can cause the surface of the epoxy to become dull.

    What Garage Floor Epoxy Can Do For You

    Are you tired of subpar flooring systems being sold by mediocre contractors trying to make their way into your garage with the flooring systems on feature is changing the color of your concrete? We are too! That is why our garage floor epoxy has been designed by award-winning engineers to bring you only the best benefits that will range from making your garage more appealing all the way to making your garage floor perform to its fullest capabilities. The best benefits are outlined down below!
    Garage Floor Coating

    Superior Durability/Strength

    The trait that any garage floor coating depends on the most is its ability to handle sustained damage, and our garage floor epoxy is the best in the business. Our epoxy has been tried and tested in the harshest facilities across the country and has left unscathed because:

    • Epoxy can handle up to 25,000 PSI
    • Protection from dropped objects and prolonged storage of heavy objects
    • High tensile strength won’t let the flooring become delaminated during heavy use
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    Resist Harsh Chemicals

    A close second to the durability of your flooring, the chemical resistance of your flooring should play a large role in choosing garage flooring as most harsh chemicals are used and stored in the garage. Did you know that concrete is an absorbent material? That means that any chemical that your concrete touches is absorbed and released into the surrounding soil. This can cause severe environmental damage but with a garage floor epoxy, you can keep the Earth safe from these hazards.

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    Make Your Garage Brighter

    Many homeowners across America have the same problem in the garage, it is either too dim or requires too much energy to keep well lit. With an epoxy garage floor, you can kiss these problems goodbye as garage epoxy can:

    • Make your garage up to 300 percent brighter without additional lighting sources
    • Cut down on your electric bill with reduced lighting sources
    • Make your garage safer to work in as objects are easier to spot

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    Slip/Skid Resistance

    The garage us an area of the home that is prone to moisture whether it be from rain or from accidents, you need to be protected and a garage floor epoxy can do just that. We have a special additive that looks like sand or salt that is placed directly into the epoxy to give the flooring texture and in turn giving the flooring traction so you can be safe from accidents even when it is wet.

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    The feature of epoxy flooring that all of our clients love is the epoxies ability to be customized with the only limit being the imagination of the designer. We offer a wide range of customization options such as a wide array of base colors, multi-colored dor single colored flakes and even the option to create a metallic epoxy flooring system. No matter what you do to your epoxy, your neighbors will be green with envy whenever you open your garage.