6 Decorative Ways A Concrete Driveway

Can Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal

Driveway Resurfacing
Do you have a boring driveway? If it’s boring to you then it is certainly boring to everyone else who lays eyes on it. Your driveway is the first place people will look and it is the first impression you give your neighbors, don’t let it be one that is easily forgettable or one that does not spark interest. Concrete offers an unlimited amount of design options that range in price but not in quality!
Stamp it out!
Stamped Concrete
When and if stamped concrete driveways are installed, and they are done correctly, they are one of the longest-lasting materials for that area of your home. Your driveway will take on the appearance of a brick, slate, or natural stone surface while having the longevity and durability of concrete. Having the ability to choose between different colors, textures, and patterns allow you to individualize the exterior part of your home.
  • Stamped concrete is less prone to breaking down
  • Installing a stamped concrete surface is quick and simple for an experienced contractor
  • Long-term, there is little to no maintenance
Texturize that finish
Decorative Concrete Driveway
Like we said before, there are options for every budget that do not have to compromise quality. A textured finish is one of those examples! There are different ways to achieve this look:
  • Stenciling concrete is a great alternative to stamped driveways because they provide a similar design for much less time and money
  • Trowel finishes can create swirls and different sized arcs!
  • Broom finishes create non-slip surfaces
  • Rock salt finishes leave small decorative holes in your concrete surface
Match interior and exterior floors
Concrete Resurfacing
You don’t want a neutral home and a neon driveway! Don’t distract from your home with an outrageously over the top driveway, simply aim to amplify the qualities already present. If your driveway doesn’t compliment your homes architecture in any way, there will be serious clashes that will lower your curb appeal, even with a new driveway.
  • Match your driveways color to the color of your home
  • Create similar designs for your driveway that can be found in your home
  • Match the color scheme to the surrounding area of your home to create uniformity
Botox is an option
Concrete Overlay
The idea that you need to completely replace your concrete driveway to achieve any real results is completely fabricated by concrete salesmen! You do not have to rip out your concrete or sacrifice quality for an upgrade.
  • Overlays are great options that can create fun and unique designs. These surfaces are quick to install and even easier to repair
  • Driveway resurfacing is a fantastic way to simply show your driveway some tender love and care
  • Stain finishes help a surface brighten up with permanent earth tones
To the point
Custom Decorative Concrete
Having an area where your driveway meets a specialized design is a great eye-catcher! Designs can be custom made or remakes of things you’ve seen on Pinterest! Whatever it is, it will help increase your homes property value.
  • Add concrete stamps
  • Family symbols
  • Unique designs that make your home stand out
Move it on up!
Driveway Concrete Resurfacing
Decorative concrete driveways can increase your homes curb appeal regardless of your budget and so can other concrete surfaces! Adding an extra layer of an upgrade to your walkway or patio can help compliment the work done on your driveway.
  • Increase your property value tremendously
  • Create a cohesive look
  • Upgrading all of your exterior concrete areas creates a safe environment