It doesn’t matter if you are looking for flooring for your home or your business, the benefits of the flooring will always outweigh any other aspect of the flooring system. When benefits are in mind, there is a flooring that has more than any other flooring on the market to this date and that flooring is known as the epoxy flooring system. Want to know what an epoxy flooring system is all about? That’s what we are going to take a deeper look into today down below!

Possibly the most popular benefit of an epoxy flooring system is the versatility that the flooring offers as it can be used in any area with any circumstance. We offer a dozen of different types of epoxy flooring like garage floor epoxy, commercial/industrial epoxy flooring, and even basement epoxy floor coatings. No matter if you’re looking for brawn or beauty, our epoxy flooring systems can offer both of these features in any area with ease.

Speaking of beauty, an epoxy flooring system is easily one of the most customizable flooring systems available for both residential, commercial and industrial use today. This is mainly due to the fact that epoxy comes in a liquid state, or nothing is set in stone. With our epoxy, you have free reign on the design of your flooring and we have the tools to make your dream a reality. To customize your flooring, we offer a wide range of base colors, the option to use flakes that are multi or single colored, metallic pigments to create surreal finishes and even the option to have your favorite logo or your companies logo directly into the flooring.

Since epoxy is beautiful it has to be fragile right? Wrong. While epoxy flooring can be one of the most beautiful floorings, it is also the strongest flooring systems as well. An epoxy flooring system has the weight capacity of over 25,000 pounds, that’s nearly 12 tons! Along with this incredible wight tolerance, the actual epoxy floor coating has some features that will keep your concrete protected from other forms of damage. To name a few, you are protected from both heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the usage of heavy machinery and even a waterproof, fire-resistant and electricity proof flooring system all in one.

Need more? Don’t worry, we aren’t even close to the end of benefits that an epoxy floor coating can offer. All floorings become slippery when wet correct? Not one of our epoxy floorings! While a dry epoxy flooring offers amazing traction, we offer a special additive that appears to be sand in the top coat of the epoxy that will give the flooring texture. This texture will make the flooring easy to walk on even if it has become wet or even heavily soiled. With this additive, you can give your family or employees a safety net especially in the circumstance of an accident occurring.

No matter where you are having epoxy installed, fast installation can make your life easier. Let’s say in an area like a garage, your flooring can be installed in less than four days! Where the installation of the flooring can only take one day, the cure times is what makes the overall time so long. The average epoxy will take 24 hours to cure to be rated for foot traffic and at least 72 hours for vehicle traffic, but with a fast cure system, your flooring can be ready to walk on in as little as an hour!

Want to learn more about our epoxy flooring systems? Take a look at our main website and you will have all the information that you need to know about epoxy flooring and its variations at the tip of your fingers!