Commercial Flooring Solutions

The Restaurant Industry

As all restaurateurs know, the different areas of a restaurant serve vastly different purposes and require a flooring system that can handle whatever your business can throw your way. No matter where they are used, durability and ease to maintain should be at the top of your priorities when choosing your restaurant’s flooring. But the main seating area and front of house should inspire and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant while staying true to the desired ambiance. So what flooring system can provide all of these benefits without giving up where it counts? Well, we have found that the epoxy flooring system is a coating that offers the full package and down below, we will be talking about why we think epoxy flooring is the best choice for any restaurant.
Epoxy Flake Flooring
Epoxy flake coatings are one of the most functional and decorative epoxy systems available today. With the choice of multi-colored and mono-colored flakes, truly inspiring coatings can be formed with epoxy flake flooring. What most people don’t know about flaked epoxy is that it offers enhanced slip and skid resistance with the flakes in the coating providing subtle texture on the floor. This makes the coating respectable in all areas of the restaurant like kitchens, seating areas, and even public bathrooms.
Metallic Epoxy Coatings
Metallic epoxy coatings are a decorative variation of epoxy flooring that uses metallic pigments in the mixture to create stunning finishes. With the use of a professional contractor, they will use blowers, solvents, and brushes to create finishes that mimic the appearance of waves, clouds, and even lava. The metallic epoxy system is also extremely durable as the coating uses the 100% solid epoxy system which is the most durable of all epoxy systems. This makes the coating ideal for seating areas, the kitchen and even in public restrooms.
Epoxy Flooring: The Benefits
While the aesthetics of epoxy are a major benefit, there is so much that epoxy flooring offers in the restaurant setting. From a durable and wear-resistant finish to a simplistic maintenance protocol, we feel as if epoxy is the best coating available today. Down below, you will find a few of the benefits that you can gain from using epoxy flooring.
Hygienic & Sterile
One of the biggest reasons business owners tend to use epoxy flooring is for its seamless design. The seamless surface is impenetrable from bacteria that would hide away and cause health concerns if left unattended. Along with the ability to resist the storage of bacteria, epoxy flooring is also resistant to the growth of mold, mildew and even fungi. This makes epoxy floor coatings on the cleanest coatings you can find on the market today.
Simplistic Maintenance
Unlike other traditional floor coatings, epoxies offer a simplistic and fast maintenance protocol that can be completed at the drop of a dime. This is because epoxy doesn’t require the use of waxes, polishes or buffing to maintain its shine. All that is required when using epoxy is the use of a soft bristle broom or dust mop to remove dry debris and the use of a mop with a PH neutral cleaner when it comes time to mop. This makes nightly clean up an easy task taking the time of only one employee.
Durability & Longevity
When it comes to the durability of an epoxy coating, no other flooring system on the market is able to keep up! With resistances to physical impacts, harsh chemicals, heavy foot traffic, and collisions, epoxy is suited to maintain its integrity for years after installation. With the 100% solid epoxy system, you will enjoy a service life of up to 25 years, making epoxy one of the longest-lasting coatings available on the market.