Decorative Concrete Floors:

A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Concrete is known for being exceptionally durable and sturdy, and it is true, concrete is insanely strong. Concrete surfaces do not need large amounts of cleaners and maintenance, it is why it’s become so popular among business owners and homeowners; however, nothing lasts forever without a little bit of maintenance. Concrete does need some upkeep and decorative concrete to keep its beauty needs a little bit of help from:
The decorative concrete should always be installed by a professional because steps that seem simple are vital to the health of your floors. Sealers need to be applied and applied properly because this is what will protect your floors from staining, scuffing, and water damage. Sealers help enrich colors in decorative concrete and improve the overall look of the floors.
If you have a decorative concrete floor in an area that is exposed to different amounts of foot traffic daily, wax can be applied occasionally to help the concrete floor resist wear and tear.
Never use cleaners that are high in acidity or cleaners that contain high levels of soap. Both of these details dull your decorative concrete floors appearance. Decorative concrete needs to be maintained but it does not need extreme cleanings. If you’re cleaning or trying to maintain a waxed surface, you will not need sealers or waxes because the floor has been made dense through the polishing process.
Concrete Repair
Decorative concrete is not an easy surface to repair, luckily, when it is professionally installed the surface does not require extensive repairs or treatments to maintain its beauty; however, when decorative concrete floors do begin to damage a professional will need to be called because decorative concrete floor finishes all vary, like stained concrete. Call a professional to help you repair any area that has been damaged.
General Cleaning
General Maintenance
There are steps that you can take with all decorative concrete without worrying about ruining the surface.
  • Sweeping and mopping with pH neutral cleaners
  • Do not leave the soap to dry on any of your surfaces
  • Avoid cleaners with high levels of soap or acid-based chemicals
  • Put entryway carpets to help reduce dirt and residue
  • Clean away spills immediately