Decorative Concrete Resurfacing:

A New Addition to Concrete Flooring

Decorative Concrete
Concrete is a material that has evolved dramatically over the last decade or so and has become a fundamental staple for many homes and businesses. Concrete is an affordable material that can be installed in different areas for different reasons. Decorative concrete resurfacing provides a realistic option for concrete owners who are looking for specialty looks at low prices. So, where can you use decorative concrete?
Driveway Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
If you’re getting tired of your old driveway and are looking for an affordable way to increase your homes curb appeal, resurfacing your concrete is the best way to go. When resurfacing is done and finished by a professional technician you will have a smooth and decorative surface that can resemble different materials, making your driveway very unique. Have a driveway resemble brick or stone while still having all of the benefits offered by concrete.
  • Resurfaced decorative concrete is much more durable than the materials it can mimic
  • Resurfaced decorative concrete is more affordable than authentic wood or brick
  • Resurfaced decorative concrete lasts much longer than an authentic stone or wood driveway
  • With an appealing driveway, you can raise your property value by 15% or more
Patio Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
Does your patio no longer reflect your wants or needs? Or is simply lacking the comfort and loving appearance it once had? Either way, a resurfaced decorative concrete patio can enhance the outside appearance of your entire home. Your newly installed and designed decorative concrete patio is incredibly durable and low-maintenance.
  • Decorative concrete patios offer homeowners a special place on their property that is an extension of the inside portion
  • Decorative concrete patios will last for decades longer than the original slab because it has an added level of durability
  • This is the most affordable option for an outdoor concrete surface
Pool Deck Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
When it comes to pool decks, homeowners who choose to resurface their concrete are extremely lucky because they have the opportunity to choose from different materials and designs! Resurfaced pool decks are much more affordable then ripping out the existing concrete and replacing it with a material that the concrete previously there could have mimicked.
  • Pool deck pavers are great because they are resistant to pool water chemicals, impact, scratching, and slippage.
  • Stained concrete is a beautiful addition to any pool deck because it offers incredible earth tones for the surface that it is being installed on. It penetrates the concretes pores and creates a surface that will not peel or chip.
  • Stamped resurfaced concrete is much more affordable than the authentic surfaces because it looks like brick, stone, or tile but is just as durable and resistant as concrete.
Where can you resurface concrete?
Concrete Resurfacing
If there is a concrete surface in your home or business that needs an upgrade or complete redesign, resurfacing the concrete is the best way to go. Have a professional inspect the area and just know that beautiful shades, different designs, and unique finishes are one resurfacing job away.
  • Garage concrete floors
  • Basement concrete floors
  • Retail centers
  • Gyms
  • Lobbies
And so many more places have had their concrete resurfaced and completely redesigned.