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Are you tired of dealing with your outdated flooring system or don’t even have a floor coating protecting your concrete slab? Many concrete coating systems may not offer the best benefits or some may even be considered ugly to some of our clients. Well, if you are looking for an ultra-protective and appealing flooring, we got you covered!
With one of our epoxy floor coating systems in Ohio, you can have the best of both worlds with an ultra-durable floor coating with nearly endless options for customization. Want to know more about our epoxy floor coating? We have everything you need to know down below!



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    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Why You Should Use An Epoxy Floor Coating

    While the appearance of using an epoxy floor coating are great in their own right, there are many other tremendous benefits of epoxy flooring to enjoy. Down below you will find the most popular benefits of epoxy floor coatings in Ohio:
    • Epoxy floor coatings offer superior durability meaning that your home or business will be resistant to heavy foot/vehicle traffic, dropped objects and heavy vibrations
    • Along with resistances to most physical damage, epoxy offers protection against chemicals as well and even going as far as isolating all moisture and chemicals spilled on its surface for easy cleanup
    • While on the topic of easy cleanup, the epoxy floor coating is heavily resistant to stains thanks to its nonporous surface so no moisture can penetrate its surface
    • When epoxy flooring is professionally installed and properly maintained, it has an incredibly long service life of 20-30 years! The long lifespan brings the lifecycle costs of the flooring down to the pricing of traditional concrete flooring
    • Along with offering a low lifecycle cost, a professionally installed epoxy floor coating can drastically increase the value of your home and increase the curb appeal of your business
    • Epoxy flooring is also safe as it offers slip and skid resistance when dry with the options for additives that can be used to make the flooring safe to walk on when wet or soiled

    Epoxy Floor Coatings We Offer In Ohio

    Just like the benefits of our epoxy floor coating in Ohio, the vast majority of the types of epoxy coatings we offer are through the roof! As one of the top epoxy flooring companies in Ohio, our team of epoxy flooring contractors are proud to bring only the best finishes to our neighbors in Ohio and its lovely cities! Ready to find out about the types of epoxy coatings we offer? We have outlined our most popular floor coatings down below.

    Metallic Epoxy

    Metallic Epoxy

    The metallic epoxy floor coating is one of the most modern and exotic epoxy floorings and even flooring systems in general on the market. This is because with the assistance of solvents, blowers, and brushes we can use our metallic epoxy to craft finishes that can appear as clouds, waves, and even lava! Metallic epoxy is an industrial-grade epoxy as well as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as the industrial epoxy flooring so you receive the durability of the strongest epoxy on the market.

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    The epoxy garage floor coating is one of the most popular residential and commercial flooring systems on the market for a reason. Many home and business owners love how durable the epoxy is but the major selling point is the carefree maintenance of the epoxy floor coating in Ohio. The seamless and nonporous surface of garage floor epoxy makes it impossible for stains from chemicals, hot tires or any liquid to seep into its surface and cause a stain. This makes maintenance as easy as mopping and sweeping.

    Commercial Epoxy

    Commercial Epoxy

    Commercial epoxy floor coatings are the commercial industries leading and most used floor coating between all major commercial facilities. This is because commercial epoxy flooring is one of the few flooring systems that have been approved by the USDA for use in many of the industries most sensitive facilities. The USDA approval means that the flooring system applicable in restaurants all the way to seeing use in medical facilities such as surgical rooms for their hyper hygienic finish and ability to be rapidly sanitized.

    Industrial Epoxy

    Industrial Epoxy

    As we have seen up above in the metallic epoxy floor coating section, industrial epoxy flooring uses the strongest epoxy base on the market. This epoxy base is capable of withstanding astounding weight and is the most durable flooring system on the market. A professionally installed industrial epoxy flooring system can withstand up to 15,000 PSI compared to traditional concretes allowance of only 3,500 PSI. The industrial epoxy floor coating can even withstand the harshest chemicals like battery acid, bleach, and even oils/gasoline.

    Basement Epoxy Flooring

    Basement Epoxy Flooring

    We offer the service of basement waterproofing through our award-winning material of basement epoxy flooring. Basement epoxy floorings nonporous surface does an amazing job of keeping moisture under the concrete where it belongs. Not only can basement epoxy keep water and moisture out of your basement, but it can also resist the growth of waterborne bacteria like mold and mildew. With the same level of customization as our epoxy flooring system, there are no other flooring options on the market for your basement like the epoxy basement floor coating.

    Epoxy Floor Coatings Ohio

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    We service home and business owners in the greater area of Ohio with pride and down below, you will find the exact cities that we can provide our services to.

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