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Are you in love with the natural and elegant appearance of traditional wood flooring? Well as we all know, traditional wood is very limiting in terms of where it can be used and what it can be used for. Even simply exposing traditional wood to heavy foot traffic can damage the flooring system. But all hope is not lost! There is a way you can have the look of traditional wood with the durability of concrete with rustic wood concrete. Want to know what wood stamped concrete can do for you? We have everything you need to know down below:
What Is Rustic Wood Flooring?
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic wood flooring isn’t to be confused with traditional wood flooring. It is actually a variation of stamped concrete overlay that mimics the appearance of wood with rubber stamps. Because of its composure, wood stamped concrete can be used in a wide variety of settings from commercial to residential instances. By using wood concrete you open up some opportunities for benefits you can’t get with traditional wood but you also get some disadvantages. Down below, we have outlined the pros and cons of using wood stamped concrete:
  • High versatility, can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Provides a high durability finish resistant to most damage
  • Can be installed on a timeframe of 2-5 days
  • You won’t get the same feel to the tough as hardwood
  • Concrete is still prone to cracking over time
  • It may be easy to distinguish from real wood
Rustic Wood Flooring Vs Traditional Hardwood
Rustic Wood Flooring
So now that we have shown you how the pros and cons of rustic wood concrete stack up, how does the flooring system compared to its natural counterpart? Home and business owners agree that rustic wood concrete offers more benefits than traditional concrete. So what you will find down below is how both rustic wood concrete and traditional wood flooring compare in the same categories:
Wood Concrete
  • Concrete is 100 percent waterproof
  • Can be used outdoors with minimal maintenance
  • Will last 20-30 years with simplistic maintenance
Traditional Hardwood
  • Will warp when exposed to moisture
  • Require hundreds of dollars of chemicals to be used outdoors
  • Requires harsh maintenance to last 10-15 years
Environmentally Friendly
One of the biggest advantages of using rustic wood concrete over traditional hardwood is the fact that concrete has much less of an environmental impact on nature than traditional wood. Studies have shown that it takes a tree 18 inches in diameter with 10 feet of millable trunk just to make enough flooring for only 100 square feet. With the standard new home in the United States average new home needing upwards of 2,000 square feet of flooring you can see just how much wood flooring can take across the entire United States.
Well there you have it, that is everything that you need to know about rustic wood flooring and why you should at least consider the flooring before using traditional wood flooring. If you aren’t sure about it, give your local contractor a call and they will be more than happy to give you a few examples of the flooring system. All we can say now is good luck with all of your home or business renovations you make in the future!