No matter what type of flooring you decide to go with, there will be both pros and cons with the flooring system. What separates epoxy flooring from these other types of flooring is that epoxy has much more pros than cons, but they still exist so you deserve to know exactly what to expect when having an epoxy flooring installed. Down below are the pros and cons of our amazing epoxy flooring system

Everyone likes the good before the bad, so let’s start with the pros of epoxy flooring and take the cons with a grain of salt, cons are a part of life after all!

One of the best features of an epoxy flooring system is the supreme chemical resistance. Our epoxy floor coating will keep a wide range of harsh chemicals out of your concrete slab and will even isolate the chemical on the surface of the flooring for easy cleanup. This is because epoxy floorings seamless and solid top coat doesn’t allow any forms of moisture to pass through, keeping your home or facility green!

A benefit that fits in with commercial and residential settings is the unmatched customization of epoxy flooring. We are able to offer a wide range of colors, multi-colored or single colored flakes and even the ability to have your favorite logo or businesses logo directly into the flooring! We even offer to design your flooring in a way that can make your industrial or commercial facility safer and even more efficient with the use of stencils to create barriers, walkways, or even text to keep work flowing as smooth as possible.

Another pro of having epoxy flooring is the incredible strength and durability that comes with this flooring system. While everyone knows that epoxy flooring is a strong system, did you know that the flooring can handle up to 25,000 PSI and can even last up to 30 years with proper maintenance? The real test of strength is the test of time and epoxy passes with flying colors.

As we stated above, all great things most often come with a grain of salt and our epoxy flooring is no different. The difference is that the cons of epoxy flooring come case by case, so what one person may consider a con, you may consider being no big deal at all.

Sadly, epoxy flooring is not the cure to cracked concrete, but there will be a huge delay in the cracking of the concrete slab due to epoxy floorings high tensile strength. As a wise man once said, there are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. As soon as we figure out how to keep concrete pure, we will pass the secret onto our neighbors in Ohio!

When a surface that has moisture has not been prepared correctly before the application of epoxy flooring, it can cause some adherence issues. This typically happens in moist areas like basements and garages but can be easily detected. This can cause your epoxy to delaminate from your flooring and cause serious and costly repairs for you to deal with. Thankfully, our team of epoxy flooring contractors has decades of experience so you can rest at night knowing your flooring is being installed right the first time!

Another con that epoxy flooring comes with may also be its best feature. The incredibly hard surface of epoxy flooring is often the doom of many fragile objects like plates, cell phones and even can cause bruises if fell on. What many homeowners do to combat this con is placing rugs and carpets in high traffic areas to make the flooring safer.