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    Real Wood Flooring

    Rustic Wood vs Real Wood Flooring

    Authentic wood offers homes and businesses beautiful flooring systems that truly create inviting atmospheres. Wood floors are beautiful, there is no doubt about it, and they are a classic option for many people, but now we have an update that can change the way you view floors, rustic wood flooring. Unlike rustic wood floors, real wood has a lot of flaws that cannot be worked out of the material

    Wood Flooring:

    • Delicate
    • Sensitive to temperature changes
    • Is not water-resistant
    • Requires waxes and special treatments/cleaners
    • Needs constant awareness and maintenance from owners
    • Scratches, stains, and chips easily
    • Will crack within a year if the temperature changes from cold to hot

    Rustic wood:

    • Is strong
    • Does not need constant care
    • Is resistant to most damages any home or business would be exposed too
    • Is not affected by temperature changes
    • Feels and looks like real wood year-round

    Benefits of Rustic Wood Flooring

    The benefits for a wood stamped residentially or business floor extends far beyond the way the floors can look, your stamped floors offer benefits that real wood floors could never imagine of the offering. A professionally installed rustic wood floor can last for many years without a lot of time or money spent on it, unlike real wood floors. More benefits include:



    Real wood would be a terrible decision for any space unless it is cover and/or inside. Wood is sensitive to certain weather and would damage easily. Rustic wood, however, can be used in:

    • Patios
    • Pool decks
    • Walkways
    • Kitchens
    • Business buildings
    • Driveways
    • Basements
    • Bedrooms

    Little Maintenance

    Rustic wood doesn’t need to be under constant observation! These floors can last for years without special care. Some maintenance benefits from rustic wood that are unique are:

    • Rustic wood floors do not require special waxes
    • The surface can handle spills
    • Simple mopping and sweeping can be sufficient for the surface


    Wood floors are not resistant surfaces and are not recommended for homes with children and pets or businesses that see high levels of foot traffic. These floors require maintenance that rustic wood simply will never need! Rustic wood floors are resistant to:

    • Mold
    • Water
    • Impact
    • Scratches
    • Stains
    • Slippage


    A stamped wood flooring system will always be more economically sound than a real wood floor. Even though wood floors are beautiful they require constant money in maintenance and appearance. Rustic wood floors are a one and done type of deal with minimal requirements in comparison to real wood floors.

    • $8-$12 per square foot for rustic wood compared to $14-$22 per square foot
    • With a 25-year lifespan, no money is used in replacing rustic wood flooring
    • Is much more affordable than any other decorative flooring option for outdoor use


    The truth is, rustic wood floors can handle a variety of different environments. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial use, rustic wood floors do not have to be used in one certain type of area. Durability benefits of rustic wood floors include but are not limited to:

    • The surfaces are seamless so boards will not rise or damage
    • The rustic wood floors are sealed so liquids will not penetrate the surface
    • Any local climate is acceptable for rustic wood floors

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