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Flooring trends in the United States alone change like the seasons out west, constantly, and they all have their incredible beauty. Trends have ranged from medium brown undertones to floors that highlight imperfections and turn them into art. The trends are all different, some more different than others, but they are all incredibly beautiful. Aesthetics apart, people who want to design their homes and businesses are looking for flooring that will last for more than one season of trendy floors, so the new trend is sustainability. Concrete floors have truly embraced the eco-friendly movement because once installed, concrete floors do not require extra work or maintenance with or from harsh chemicals or cleaners. They are permanent solutions to the ever-changing world of the interior floor design.
All of the styles described in this post can be accomplished with professional concrete flooring installers. Concrete floors with the proper coatings and sealers can recreate wood, tiles, and natural stone designs on your floors.
Fumed Wood Flooring—Done with Concrete
Typically, if your floors were real word floorboards, they would go through a fuming process to achieve their beautiful rich colors; however, concrete flooring made to look like wood has been stained to achieve the fumed wood appearance, the difference between these floors truly lies in the durability and sustainability of the wood used compared to a concrete floor. With a price between $2-$8 per square foot, concrete stains are simply much more affordable all around, whereas a hardwood floor, which is not as sustainable, costs between $4-$8 and more per square foot.
Polished Concrete Floors—professionally installed in an entire home
An industrial style interior design for homes in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms has been rising on the trend scale for quite some time. This style was once reserved only for garages and basements but has recently changed the face of modern-rustic designs. Its low-maintenance, quick installation, sustainability, and eco-friendly properties have made it an easy choice for homes and businesses.
Distressed Wood—Actually, Distressed Concrete
In 2019, distressed concrete has become one of the most popular interior design options for homes and businesses. As if it were distressed wood, distressed concrete undergoes an artificial process that makes the distressed properties much more pronounced, thus making the surface appear to be authentically historic wood. This style of flooring has been very popular in contemporary style homes.
Textured Stone Flooring—Much Better as Concrete
Stone floors are considered to be timeless beauties in an ever-changing world. Even with fickle hearts, interior designers have always loved a classic, yet chic, stone floor. Concrete that has been made to resemble stone by being stamped has made its way into the limelight in 2019.
Interior and exterior textured stone floors have resembled flagstone, cobblestone, and slate. These floors create authentic-seeming 3D floors that last much longer than authentic stone floors.
Large Format and Mosaic Tiles
The 60s, 70s, and 80s are all coming back in tile form. With an increasing demand for mosaic and format tiles, concrete floors have taken on the appearance if these highly desired flooring designs. Mainly installed in bathrooms and powder rooms, tile style floors are easy to care for, can be installed directly on a concrete slab, and can be quickly repaired if something were to go wrong.