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    Epoxy Flooring Troy, Ohio

    Are you in need of beautiful concrete flooring? We service residential and commercial properties here in Troy, Ohio with the most cost-effective materials in the business. Our flooring solutions are affordable and long-lasting with a variety of different materials and designs available.

    I am so impressed with the service that I receive from this company! I was able to find everything that I needed on their website and when I called they immediately set up my free quote. I had them come out and coat my garage floor with epoxy, and I am so happy with the work that was completed. The turn around time was fast and the people working on my floor were knowledgeable and friendly. I hope to work with them again in the future!
    profileKimberly Baker
    I have to admit that I am shocked at how well my garage flooring turned out! Epoxy Flooring Masters really maintains a strong attention to detail and really cared about my satisfaction with the project. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to have epoxy flooring done in their home and business.
    profileAndrew Sumsuma
    Epoxy Flooring masters did my kitchen flooring. I’m giving them 5 stars because they did a wonderful job! Everyone who comes over comments on how beautiful it is. Very affordable, great customer service and hard workers. If I decide to do our bathroom or garage, they will be the first people I call.
    profileGlenda Banks
    Great team to work with. This is the second time I have hired them as the first work received very good feedback from my client. Their attention to detail is something which you cannot except from everyone who does the same work but these guys are way beyond them. Definitely recommend this people for any commercial projects in and around the area.
    profileCooner Bill
    Excellent company that stands behind their work! They give us an amazing epoxy flooring service from beginning to end. They went above and beyond to keep our facility customer-friendly all the time. Their product and services has a reasonable price. Really great company to do business with.
    profileLishe Gauthier
    Brant along with 2 of his assistants are problem solvers, their customer relation skills is also excellent. Their team is a big part of our family’s decision to renovate the first floor of our old home. There is a big floor area to fill and a much bigger work to be done but they are handling it like a pro. The concrete epoxy coating job is about 80% done, just needed a few finishing touches at the base and corners. I can already see the result and it’s absolutely perfect!
    profiled sss
    This amazing guys did epoxy coating work on my basement for 2 days without leaving a mess. The moisture makes it nearly impossible to walk into the basement without shoes, place rugs or anything. I called them to come and check the situation and they responded instantaneously. Their solution works like magic! I never had to worry about moisture in my basement ever again!! Don’t think twice about contacting Epoxy Flooring Masters if you have a problem like mine.
    Diego_ReyesDiego Reyes
    I always have a problem with my garage floor whenever I tinker on my old Ford because of the layers of grease it has accumulated throughout the years. It’s kinda my fault because I’m a grease monkey myself, spending my weekends working on my truck and boat and the slippery floor only makes the job harder. I finally got fed up with it so I called up Epoxy Flooring Masters whom my dad has referred to in getting epoxy garage floor coating. They finished it before the weekend which made my life a whole lot better. No more slippery floor. This is the best garage floor epoxy coating I’ve seen in my neighborhood!
    profileJerry Lasley
    I booked with Epoxy Flooring Masters to install concrete epoxy coating and other minimal floor repairs. I am confident with the quality of their work, first, because it was not done in a hurry. A lot of effort has been put from the preparation to the installation. And second, I did not have issues at all so far. I am convinced that my house looks a lot more pleasant without the old coating that does not compliment the interior. All the work was done hassle-free and efficiently. 👌
    profileEadith Hayward
    After dealing with some really bad concrete contractors, I was hopeful that Epoxy Flooring Masters could deliver a good epoxy flooring work.

    The technician sent to me was a breath of fresh air. He spent an hour inspecting our flooring and made measurements. He gave us a detailed report, then came out again the following day to talk to my husband and explained to us how the product works. He was very professional and experienced in epoxy flooring installation.

    I was 100% satisfied with the work at no extra cost. They lived up to their word and finished the entire job in 2 days. Epoxy Flooring Masters is an honest contractor. Keep up the good work!

    profileCosetta Bentley

    Epoxy Flooring Services Troye, Ohio

    We Are Here to Service You

    Our services include:

    • Garage Epoxy Flooring
    • Basement Epoxy Flooring
    • Concrete Resurfacing
    • Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    • Concrete Coating
    • Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    • Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    • Residential Epoxy Flooring
    • Rustic Wood Flooring
    • Concrete Polishing
    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Regardless of your flooring needs and wants, we have a solution ready for you here in Troy, Ohio. Our professionals are experienced, licensed, and trained to handle any situation and guarantee results.

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    Epoxy Flooring

    Anywhere you need us, we’ll be there.

    Epoxy flooring has become an increasingly popular choice among home and business owners because of its incredible beauty, long-lasting qualities, and efficiency in installation. Residential owners use epoxy flooring for garages, basements, and home décor. Many business owners install epoxy floors because they offer a quick installation opportunity and a much more affordable long-term solution.

    Metallic epoxy floors are beautifully unique and are most popular in areas where beauty and design are highly encouraged. Areas like studios, showrooms, lobbies, etc. Metallic epoxy floors bring 3D illusions that can only be accomplished by experienced professionals. These high-quality floors shine brightly, are insanely smooth, and look delicate but are extremely resistant to damage.

    Epoxy floors offer benefits for everyone who wants them regardless of industry. Homes, businesses, and industrial facilities all benefit from a properly installed epoxy floor and they can be used in:

    • Garages
    • Showrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Warehouses
    • Public restrooms
    • Hotel Lobbies
    • Public Libraries
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • And more!
    Epoxy Floor Coating Ohio
    Epoxy Flooring Benefits include but are never limited too:
    • Incredibly affordable prices, $3-$12 per square foot depending on the design
    • Decades-long durability
    • Strength up to 10,000 PSI
    • Resistant to scratches, chemical damages, abrasions, and impact
    • Heat and slip-resistance
    • Uninhabitable by mold and mildew
    • All around antimicrobial
    • Versatile in its usage and design

    Basement epoxy flooring is the most affordable and practical option for your basement floor. Our installation guarantees a water-resistant surface that is uninhabitable by mold or mildew and helps prevent any spread of water damage from the foundation of your home to the top. Whether you plan to simply use this space as a storage unit or you’re planning to transform this space into a quality room to be used consistently, epoxy floors are still the wisest decision for long-term happiness.

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    Rustic Wood Flooring Troy, Ohio

    It looks like wood but is strong as concrete
    concrete wood

    The look, smell, and feel of real wood is one that cannot be beaten. The authentic beauty that wood floors contain is empirical and thanks to technological advances, concrete can now offer something better. Wood floors are expensive, delicate, and hard to maintain because of their inability to resist water, impact, scratches, or even staining. Wood stamped concrete gives you the look, feel, and smell of wood without the hassle of a maintenance regime or expensive repairs and replacements every so often. Wood stamped concrete is affordable, long-lasting, great for highly used areas, and offers more benefits.

    You can install concrete stamped wood in so many different areas, like:

    • Patios
    • Pool Decks
    • Homes
    • Basements
    • Porches
    • Restaurants
    • Showrooms
    • Businesses
    • Office Buildings
    • Driveways
    • And more!

    Our team can install overlays for your pool decks, driveways, patios, and more. Overlays have become extremely popular in homes and businesses that have large groups of people or children constantly walking on their floors because of their incredible safety qualities. Overlays offer different benefits depending on what you’re using them for but there are some benefits that everyone can enjoy!

    • Overlays are affordable
    • Overlays are easy to repair
    • Overlays are slip-resistant
    • Overlays are versatile
    • Overlays offer unique design opportunities
    • Overlays are eco-friendly
    • Overlays are durable
    Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Having a slab of concrete that is aging or starting to show signs of wear and tear does not mean you are obligated to completely tear out the slab and replace it with a new one. Concrete resurfacing is an affordable and long-term solution to aging concrete that allows you to rejuvenate your old concrete and breathe new life into it.

    When you resurface an old slab, you are having a very thin overlay poured over a semi repaired slab that will adhere to the surface. Once the overlay has completely attached to the concrete surface you will have an incredibly stronger and much more resistant surface that will last for years to come. The affordability of this process is why it is much more popular among concrete surface owners looking for a little more time with their current slabs. Areas that can benefit from a resurfacing project include:

    • Driveways
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • Pool decks
    • Sidewalks
    • Warehouses
    • Storage facilities
    • Showrooms
    • Patios

    Pool Decks are no exception to concrete resurfacing! The best part is, when a professional complete the resurfacing of your older concrete slab, you can choose a completely new design. Talk to our professionals about changing the look of your previous pool deck and have it mimic another material, like wood, and have a completely new surface without ever removing the old one! More benefits include:

    • Heat and slip resistance
    • Pool chemical resistance
    • Fewer cracks, holes, or peeling
    • Discoloration is removed
    • Affordable and long-lasting solution

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Our garages are forgotten about, yet, we use them regularly. Our garage concrete floors are not as indestructible as you may have been led to believe. Concrete is a very porous surface unless it is professionally sealed and protected, and it will crack over time. When left naked, concrete will crack quickly, stain quicker, and become inhabited by mold and bacteria that can be spread into the rest of your home. When epoxy flooring is installed in your garage your floor will become resistant too:

    • Vehicle fluids
    • Seasonal crackingvv
    • Impact
    • Scratching
    • Heat
    • Chemical spill damage
    • Bacteria and mold growth
    • Staining

    The benefits of a professionally installed garage epoxy floor are never-ending because the surfaces last longer than naked concrete and are much more resistant to common usage.

    Epoxy garage flooring has become extremely popular among homeowners who once believed epoxy was only used in industrial areas! More garage floor epoxy benefits include:
    • Affordable prices
    • Versatility in design using color and patterns
    • Durability and resistance increases
    • Quick installation
    • High-quality materials with our company

    Metallic epoxy garage floors are extremely popular among garage owners who use their garages o fix cars or who have transformed their garages to dual-purpose areas. Metallic epoxy garage floors are difficult to damage because the floors are stain, scratch, slip, heat, and impact-resistant! If you’re looking for an affordable decorative concrete choice, metallic epoxy is the choice for you.

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    We are here to answer any of your questions! If you have any concerns, look for your questions below and if you don’t find your answers, give our team a call right now.

    Q: How do I know if my concrete slab can be resurfaced?

    A: Well, you don’t. Our team has to come out and inspect the surface and see if the requirements are met because several different factors can impact your surface eligibility to be resurfaced. Examples would be deep structural issues, compromised underlying concrete, and or cracks that are too deep to simply be filled can all impact your concretes ability to simply be resurfaced.

    Q: What is epoxy flooring?

    Epoxy is considered to be a very unique material that has been on a rising popularity throne. The mixture is a resin and hardener that are chemically mixed. This mixture hardens on your concrete slab creating an almost plastic cover for your concrete that penetrates its pores. The end product is a strong and highly resistant concrete slab that would otherwise meet its demise with too much moisture, chemical spills, are large cracks. Epoxy surfaces can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the areas and are extremely long-lasting.