When looking for flooring for your home or business, the same old traditional flooring options can be very bland. A flooring option that is far from bland is our epoxy flooring system, but that can only be used in the commercial or industrial setting right? We are happy to say that we offer dozens of different types of epoxy flooring that can be used anywhere from an industrial facility all the way to your back patio. Today we are going to take a look into the different types of epoxy floor coatings and see what they are all about, so let us get started, shall we?

First and foremost, the most used type of epoxy is our garage floor epoxy. This is due to the efficiency that an epoxy garage floor can bring to the garage, an efficiency that is unheard in the flooring world. The trait that is mostly used in the garage is the incredible strength of epoxy, but everyone knows that epoxy is strong. Are you tired of your garage being a dimly lit and overall boring area to look at? An epoxy garage floor coating can help with both of these problems as there are millions of configurations to design epoxy flooring in with the help of our wide color selection, textures, and even metallic pigments. Garage floor epoxy has even been proven to make the garage up to 300 percent brighter without the use of additional lighting sources, making your garage safer while saving you money.

Basement epoxy flooring is the type of epoxy that goes without recognition the most but actually provides on the most useful benefits out of any other flooring system. The benefit that can offer the most to the basement is the basement waterproofing trait of epoxy flooring. Not only can the basement waterproofing of a basement epoxy make your basement more comfortable, resist all forms of mold/mildew and can even be used a base for other forms of flooring, but it is also a versatile flooring that can be used no matter what you decide to transform your basement into. Since the basement is waterproof thanks to basement epoxy your flooring can have traction in the off chance moisture finds its way back into the basement with a special additive.

One of the newest forms of epoxy flooring is the pebbled epoxy. This type of epoxy is created by using out 100 percent solid epoxy system and a mixture of pea gravel or any other small rocks to form a durable and stylish finish. A pebbled epoxy is one of the few epoxy flooring systems that are able to be placed in the great outdoors and is most commonly used in garages and extended down the driveway to create a seamless finish. Just like our special additive, pebbled epoxy is able to provide superior traction even when the flooring has become wet. This form of epoxy is now even starting to be used on pool decks for its amazing chemical and UV resistance.

This is only a few of the amazing epoxy floorings that we offer, to learn about the other types of epoxy or more about the epoxies above, take a look at our main website or give us a call today. We can even give you a free quote, so act fast!