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Here at American Dynamic Coatings, our technicians are licensed, experienced, and always professional. We believe that everyone deserves a strong and resistant floor regardless of the environment. Concrete floors, over time, need to be resurfaced because it helps strengthen and elongate their life. Our team has decades of combined experience in everything concrete.
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    Angie's List

    Signs it is time to resurface your concrete

    Concrete surfaces are visually expressive, and they will tell you when the time comes, that resurfacing needs to happen. You can resurface your:
    • Driveway
    • Garage
    • Basement
    • Patio
    • Pool deck
    Don’t let little flaws go ignored simply because they aren’t that bad yet, call us, and look out for the following signs:
    • Cracks, not just spiderweb cracks that tend to be surface-level ones. Some cracks spread quickly and expand creating a hazards surface for any concrete floor.
    • Discoloration may mean that your concrete coating is failing which can lead to very expensive issues like mold or moisture ruining your slab.
    • Sitting water on your concrete slab can mean a structural issue is occurring and it is best to call the professionals right away
    • Rough spots on a pool deck or garage are extremely uncomfortable and highly noticeable. That feeling is not normal and should never be ignored.
    • Old concrete. The age of your concrete does matter and will affect the strength and capacity it has.

    Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

    Resurfacing concrete instead of ripping it out is a cost-effective and highly eco-friendly option. Concrete resurfacing is a quick process for any home or business to undergo. It is important that you contact the professionals if you want to resurface the concrete to ensure that you gain all of the benefits offered from a resurfaced slab.

    Unlimited Customization


    The best part about concrete resurfacing is that you can resurface any slab that you own, even if it is inside or outside, and it will help you remodel that area. Versatility is important because:

    • Resurfacing allows you to redo any indoor or outdoor surface
    • You can choose different designs for commercial, residential, and industrial flooring systems
    • Resurfacing allows you to choose from different colors and designs for your new surface
    Add Value To Your Home

    Economically Sound

    When you look at the numbers, resurfacing simply makes sense. You can’t rip out a concrete surface for less than resurfacing the same surface. The benefits of such a sound economical choice include:

    • There is less manual labor involved in resurfacing a concrete surface then there is incompletely replacing it
    • Resurfacing can be used to simply repair any flaws or blemishes
    • Resurfacing is 3 times less than completely replacing the surface would be

    Looks and Feels

    You do not ever have to completely remove and replace your concrete slab, it is possible to achieve the same level of satisfaction resurfacing the slab. If you’re looking for a completely new look and feel you are in luck! Our resurfacing does just that, you can choose from:

    • Colors
    • Designs
    • Textures
    • Patterns
    • Mimics brick, granite, sandstone, and so much more!
    Property Value

    Property Value

    Invest in your concrete! Resurfacing a concrete floor, garage, basement, driveway, pool deck, etc., whatever you put into the property it will return and some. Concrete resurfacing is a quick and easy way to appeal to more individuals whether it is to sell your home or entice people into your business.

    • Resurface concrete to increase property value by 15% or more
    • Resurfacing costs $2-$8 per square foot helping you save money beyond installation
    • Your property will appear to be much more valuable than the actual amount you put into it


    Concrete, just like everything, ages and that is okay. When your concrete slab begins to show signs of wear and tear you should be considering getting it resurfaced because the process creates a healthy and vibrant surface from the old one. Other benefits include:

    • Resistance to wear and tear
    • Resistance to scratching
    • Resurfacing concrete helps hide any imperfections
    • Resistance against stains

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