Your Guide To Epoxy Flooring

The Benefits

Have you ever wondered why so many home and business owners are making the switch to non-traditional flooring options like epoxy flooring? Well if you didn’t know, epoxy flooring is becoming one of the most commonly used flooring systems in the residential setting and is the most trusted floor coating for commercial and industrial settings. But why? Well, we think its because everything that epoxy has to offer! Want to know what epoxy flooring brings to the table that other flooring options cant? Well, you came to the right place! Today we are going to be talking about a few of the benefits of using an epoxy flooring system, so let’s get started.
Stronger Than The Rest
One of the best benefits of using epoxy floor coatings is that they are stronger than any other coating, plain and simple. Not only can an epoxy floor coating stand up to impacts from dropped objects, heavy foot, and vehicle traffic and even the spills of harsh chemicals. The 100% solid epoxy system has been rated at a 15,000 PSI where standard concrete only offers a PSI of 3,500. This means not only can epoxy withstand abuse better than traditional flooring options but can also be used to store more.
Unlimited Customization
Another benefit of choosing an epoxy floor is that since the material begins as a liquid, there is an unlimited amount of customization that can be achieved with epoxy. There is an endless range of base color options, options like mono-colored or multi-colored flakes that provide unique finishes and slip/skid resistance or metallic pigmentation to craft beautiful metallic epoxy flooring systems. If you find the right contractor, there are even abilities to have underlayments of logos, emblems, and text to make your system one of a kind. For commercial and industrial use, you can even have decals placed to make walkways, vehicle paths and outline storage areas to make your facility safer and more efficient.
Investing With Epoxy Floors
So many homeowners are using epoxy floor coatings for their amazing investment opportunities. Homeowners that have used epoxies in their homes have reported a 70-75% return investment just from coating their garage floor warranting an increase of 2-5 percent in the value of their home. Using an epoxy floor coating can even make your home a more appealing option on the market if you are looking to sell. Everyone loves a garage floor that is properly protected, safe and nice to look at.
Safety Improvements

What most people don’t know about epoxy is that it can actually make any area it is placed in safer. With its high gloss finish, light reflectivity is very efficient, making any area it is placed in up to 150% brighter. There are also additives that can be placed into the epoxy’s top coat like silica sand or flakes that can increase the system’s slip and skid resistance. Thanks to the seamless finish of this flooring system, there are no built in tripping hazards on the coating, making it safer to use in heavy traffic areas.

There you have it, the top benefits of using an epoxy flooring system. Want to know more about epoxy? Take a look at our home page for all the information you need to make a choice! No matter which direction you take, we wish you the best of luck on all of your home and business renovations to come!