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Professional Epoxy Flooring in Bellbrook, Ohio

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Garage Floor Epoxy and more…

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Are you in the market to have your garage floor coated or resurfaced? Do you need a concrete coating in the Bellbrook area? We are here to help. Give us a call today for a friendly, free estimate.

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Epoxy Flooring Ohio

All you need to know about garage epoxy flooring

Epoxy coating is one of the most durable and affordable coatings that you can add to your garage floor. Not only does it protect your garage floor, but it also adds a decorative finish that brings beauty to your boring or ugly cement. Since the garage has become more than just a place to park your vehicle, the benefits of garage floor epoxy have made it one of the most popular choices for garage floor coatings today. Used for both residential and commercial applications, epoxy flooring is sure to meet all of your design and function needs.

Epoxy garage flooring is not simply a “paint” for your concrete floors. Garage floor epoxy is a thermosetting resin that coats your floors and cures as a thin, hard, durable top layer. This longlasting coating offers a durable coating that resists cracks, stains, chemicals, and other undesirable substances.

Epoxy Flooring Ohio is here to meet all of your garage epoxy flooring needs. The topical coating of garage epoxy flooring is naturally moisture resistant. Because of the harsh winters in Bellbrook, this moisture barrier is an important benefit. Epoxy makes for easy cleaning of icy brines and road salts brought in on your vehicles that can collect on your concrete during the winter months. With just a little mild soap and water, you can have your floors back to a shiny, clean finish in no time, and keep your floors protected from long term damage. Even dust and debris can be handled with a quick mop and broom to the surface.

In addition to garages, epoxy flooring can also be installed in the following areas:

  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial garages
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Office spaces
Epoxy Flooring Benefits:
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful
  • Stain resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Moisture resistant
Epoxy Flooring Ohio

Are you looking for a flooring system and a company in the Bellbrook area that does what it says it will do? Our professionals are here to walk you through the garage epoxy flooring steps from start to finish. We are here to assure you that garage epoxy flooring really delivers what it promises, and so do we.

For the friendliest free estimate in the Bellbrook area, give Epoxy Flooring Ohio a call today.

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Garage Epoxy Flooring Specialists

The process to save you the headache
epoxy garage floor installers

Garage epoxy flooring requires immaculate surface preparation before you begin to apply and cure the epoxy coating. This is why epoxy application is best left to the experts. Preparing the concrete surface is where the lion’s share of the work is done when it comes to epoxy flooring. We typically start with some sort of blasting or sanding to profile the concrete for the epoxy. We also patch or repair any cracks or holes throughout this step of the process. We then adhere one or more coats of primer and or epoxy coating depending on the needs of the concrete. This is what gives epoxy its strong marble like finish. Once these coatings cure, we also add a top layer that is either simply the glossy finish that gives epoxy its signature look or a gloss layer with a slip resistant finish added to enhance safety.

There are many reasons to consider garage epoxy flooring for your garage remodel.

Garage epoxy floors are the most durable product that you can choose for your garage floor coating. When the curing process takes place, the end result is a surface that is nearly impervious to damage from impacts, spills, chipping, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasions.

Another top reason to choose garage epoxy flooring is because it is low maintenance. Garage epoxy flooring will free up your time because you will not spend time cleaning dust, dirt, and debris. Simple upkeep and ease of care will make you happy with your decision for many years to come.

Safety and Visibility are other strong reasons to choose garage epoxy flooring. Many clients are thrilled with their garage epoxy floor coating because it brightened their garages and increased visibility for projects and working in the garage.

One final reason to choose garage epoxy flooring that you may not have considered before is because these floors are sustainable and eco-friendly. Although it is a chemical compound added to your concrete surface, epoxy floors are eco-friendly because they use a small amount of products and they do not need to be continuously replaced. By keeping your existing concrete and not having to replace it decade after decade, you are actually making the earth friendly decision.

Garage epoxy flooring
metallic epoxy garage floor

Other services

Epoxy Flooring Ohio is not just in the garage epoxy flooring business. Although we are the premier Garage Epoxy flooring specialists in the Bellbrook area, we also offer our services in other areas.

All of our services are offered for both residential and commercial or industrial clients. Our customer service and years of expertise come along no matter where or what type of concrete coating or other service you require.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

Metallic epoxy flooring continue to be in high demand where high- tech exotic looking floors are desired. Metallic epoxy also enhances and plays off of the imperfections in your existing concrete, turning and eyesore into a masterpiece. Metallic floors are one of the most durable floors on the market because they are done with 100% solids and they are truly unique works of art.

Polishing, Resurfacing, and Waterproofing, oh my!

Don’t forget about these important concrete services as well.
Resurfacing and Polishing
Resurfacing and Polishing

Resurfacing includes enriching the quality of the surface of your existing concrete in order to extend the life of your concrete as well as resist future wear and tear. Resurfaced concrete lasts longer than new concrete. Polishing concrete creates a durable long lasting surface that will shine and is low maintenance and cost-effective.


The benefits of waterproofing the concrete in your garage or other area of your home is clear. Keeping mold and mildew at bay not only keeps you from having to clean unsightly damage caused by, but also keeps you and your family safe and healthy from the effects of mold and mildew.

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