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Professional Epoxy Flooring, Dayton Ohio

Flooring Services

Are you looking to have your concrete resurfaced? We can handle concrete ranging from your commercial walkway to your pool deck! Need a concrete coating? We got you covered! All you need to do is give us a call today for a free quote!

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Epoxy Flooring Dayton

What You Need To Know About Our Most Popular Coating

Our basement epoxies are sure to make any basement they are placed in more comfortable to spend time in by drastically decreasing humidity and even resisting the growth of mold or mildew.

Commercial epoxy flooring has been one of the most trusted flooring systems in the commercial sectors since its first commercial applications in facilities in 1927. When we fast forward to today, the material has been refined to a system that outmatches the rest and is even required in some facilities that require the most hygienic finish possible which epoxy is able to provide with its seamless and non-porous finish. Along with superior hygienic properties, commercial epoxy offers an amazing resistance to most forms of wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, constant vehicle traffic or even scratches and abrasions to provide flooring that will keep its professional appearance for decades to come.

Just like commercial epoxy flooring, industrial epoxies are one of the best-suited flooring systems for any industrial facility, it doesn’t matter what they deal with. This is because our industrial epoxies offer the most durable finish on the market while also providing best in class performance. When you choose an industrial epoxy, you can expect your flooring system to resist damage from dropped objects, heavy vibrations and even heat. The most crucial benefit of industrial epoxy is its insane weight tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI and compared to concretes 3,500 PSI, you can see how big of an upgrade epoxy offers. Down below, you can find a few facilities that trust industrial epoxy:

  • Data Centers
  • Machine Shops
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Office Spaces
  • Reception Areas
  • Food Processing
Epoxy Flooring Offers Benefits Like:
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Rapid Installation
  • Longer Lasting Concrete
  • Superior Durability
  • Unmatched Customization
  • Incredible Investments
  • A 30 Year Lifespan
  • For More Information On Epoxy Flooring, Take A Look At Our Home Page!

Are you looking for a flooring system that is able to perform as good as it looks? Well, if you look through traditional flooring options, you will find that if you want a performing flooring, you are going to have to pay an arm and a leg. But, with one of our metallic epoxy flooring systems, you don’t have to worry about pricing as they are affordable on most budgets with the amazing benefits of our epoxy floor coatings.

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Concrete Resurfacing Specialists

The Process To Save Time And Money
Epoxy Flooring

Has your concrete seen better days? Are you thinking about running to the nearest concrete contractor to have your concrete replaced because you’re tired of the cracks, gouges and other imperfections on your slab? Well, before you make the call, let us tell you about our process that can save you time and money, concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is a process where we save your concrete slab by repairing imperfections; restoring structural integrity, and providing a fresh, blank canvas to leave uniform or to customize.

Concrete resurfacing is a versatile process that doesn’t only apply to one type of concrete, as a matter of fact, there isn’t a concrete we can’t resurface! Down below, you will find a few examples of the most popular forms of concrete resurfacing:

  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Commercial Thresholds
  • Driveway Resurfacing
  • Garage Floor Resurfacing
  • Walkway Resurfacing
  • Patio Resurfacing

We offer more materials for resurfacing than any other contractor in Dayton like:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Kool Decking
  • Concrete Stains
  • Wood Concrete
  • Pool Deck Repairs

If you want to bring your concrete back to life at an affordable price, give the top-rated concrete resurfacing contractors in Dayton a call today for a free quote!

Stamped Concrete

Dayton Concrete Polishing

When it comes to commercial or industrial flooring systems, it doesn’t get much better than our polished concrete flooring systems. With cutting edge technology, superior materials, and the knowledge to get the job done right the first time around, you can count on our polished concrete in Dayton to outshine the rest. Our team is dedicated to bringing the best possible finishes to our neighbors backed with a strong warranty so you can have peace of mind when running your flooring through its paces.

Just because concrete polishing is one of our best services for the commercial and industrial realm doesn’t mean that we can’t do it for our residential clients in Dayton! As of late, polished concrete has been one of the hottest trends for residential flooring thanks to the increasing popularity of the ultra-modern industrialism trend and no other flooring can complement it better than polished concrete. To show you how versatile concrete polishing is, we have outlined a few popular applications down below:

  • Garage Floors
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Living Areas
  • Patios
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Airports

While the visual pleasing aesthetic of polished concrete is one of the best features of the flooring system, there are other benefits that the flooring system can offer. If you need a flooring system that can perform as well as it looks, you are going to have a hard time choosing between epoxy and polished concrete. To make it fair, we have outlined a few benefits of concrete polishing down below:

  • Easy to maintain with only a mop and a soft-bristle broom
  • When professionally installed, can last a lifetime
  • Offers a completely waterproof finish
  • Resistant to heavy foot and vehicle traffic

Rustic Wood Concrete Dayton, Ohio

The Look Of Traditional Wood Without The Hassle

Do you love the appearance of traditional wood flooring but are distraught at the intense maintenance and low life spans of the traditional route? Even if you want to have wood placed outside you are going to need hundreds of dollars in chemicals like a varnish to make it suitable to withstand weather for only a few years. But, with our wood stamped concrete, you can have the best of both worlds, wood flooring without the disadvantages of traditional wood. It’s even durable enough to be used in settings like:

  • Driveways
  • Garage Floors
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Pool Decks
  • Basements

One of the biggest advantages our rustic wood concrete has over traditional wood flooring is the ease of maintenance that they bring to the table. To show you how easy it is, all you need is a broom, wet mop, and a PH neutral cleaner to get the job done, that’s it! Also, depending on where you place the wood-concrete, you may need to replace the sealer every 3-5 years.

In terms of the benefits that our rustic wood flooring are able to provide, we have outlined the most popular of them down below:
  • A Service Life Of 20-30 Years
  • Affordable On Any Budget
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home
  • Provide Carefree Maintenance
  • Look Just Like Real Wood!

Are you ready to revolutionize your concrete slab today? For any of or amazing concrete coatings, you can rely on us for the best possible finish in Dayton. Ready to get the ball rolling on your project? Give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote!

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